Whats Coming Up



We at The Black Pages Business Directory & The Transformational Agenda Magazine are fully committed to being the catalyst of community transformation, but of course there is no way that any substantial and sustaining change can take place without the full participation of the Non-Profit community. It is the Non-Profit community which must meet “now ready for empowerment” community members and help and guide them in their transformation.


The week after Valentine’s Day will be The Transformational Agenda’s Love Black Re-Think Everything  Abstinence Week  during which we are encouraging individuals and organizations to call a time out, step back, and A.C.T (Analyze. Comprehend. Transform).  Abstinence Week is a time to re-think everything.




The end of Abstinence Week marks the Transformational Agenda’s 1st Annual Re-Think Everything Empowerment Conference. The conference, which is free and open to the public, fuses empowerment seminars with a Resource and Time Tithing Fair for Community and Volunteer Involvement, and culminates in a celebration of black culture the Love Black Festival.


The Transformational Agenda Retreat is a unique 9 hour experience that participants rate as one of the most significant experiences they’ve had in life.  Participants acquire a totally new perspective on the African American experience and leave equipped to heal our community. Hence all will be encouraged to attend.