The Transformational Agenda

Only we can heal our community and
healing is exactly what we need.


Today’s behaviors (culture) still reflect the survival rules our ancestors crafted to survive slavery and the brutal decades that followed.  The ancestors gifted us with today, a time where we can in fact choose a new path (culture) and craft a new future.

It is time for us to call a time out and re-think everything.

Empowerment (high character, virtue, values, and life skills) must become our single goal, agenda, focus, direction, and purpose; and we will deliver it one to another…


If you (and others) simply embrace the fierce urgency of now.


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Retreat Mission

Now is the time for us to stop living by the survival rules of slavery and forge a new more loving, more accepting present.
We, as an African American people, will transform our community (culture) by empowering ourselves—thus validating the sacrifices of our ancestors.

We can make better choices today because we now have the power and ability to decide what we choose to be and to manifest it. 
That we no longer control our destiny is simply The Humongous Lie.  Nothing constrains us today except what is between our own ears, therefore an exemplary future is within our grasp.

No one but us can heal our community,
and healing is exactly what is needed. We have to decide what we want to be, determine exactly how we can accomplish it, and commit our time and voluntary service to make it a reality—with the fierce urgency of now.

We will engender within ourselves the drive to become the prized and exceptional beings that our ancestors dreamed of long agowhen your ancestors chose life in the days when “hope unborn had died”—simply so that you could know today.

And So It Shall Be.

 Retreat Vision


The Fierce urgency of Now. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, professor, or pastor to know that the African American community is in big trouble.  All you have to do is look around our urban, poor neighborhoods to discover that crime, violence, disintegration of the family, and miseducation of our children, among other things have taken a terrible toll on us as an ethnic group.  How could this have happened to us? It is clear that we are freefalling into an abyss of nihilism, where loss of hope and meaning is consuming us and where we are actually acting to destroy ourselves.  So this begs the question, “What’s really going on?”


Negative Mental Legacies of Slavery.

African Americans were slaves in this country for approximately two hundred and fifty years and because we have failed to really face the horror of slavery so that we can heal from it, we remain disempowered by our past.  We whisper about slavery, instead of bringing it into the light, looking at it, examining, it, critiquing our experience and learning from our pain and travail.  By trying to avoid the suffering and misery of looking at the past and by attempting to shelter our children from the evil memories of slavery, we have unknowingly accepted as today’s culture a continuation of the once required, yet still very negative behaviors of slave culture.  We also fail to recognize that today we can and must re-empower ourselves.



Empowerment is positive character, virtue, values, and life-skills.  It’s a holistic enterprise. The empowered adult has not only addressed issues of the body, mind, and spirit, but also financial, social, and civic woes.  The empowered adult thinks not only about themselves and their family, but also invests time and conscious action into the empowerment of those around them.  Empowerment shall become our agenda, focus, direction, goal, and identity.

Time Tithing

Time tithing simply means that you commit 10% of your waking hours (not including time spent at work) to voluntary community service.  A Time Tither is a person of transformation.  Instead of telling others what they need to do or what they aren’t doing right, you stand up and make things happen.  A Time Tither does not volunteer for a day of two and consider the problem solved; you willingly contribute one tenth of your available time to being “the change you most wish to see.”


If we don’t act now, we will have irreparably broken faith with our strong ancestors who chose life because they believed that a better, brighter, more hopeful day was coming for us.  We shall empower ourselves now.  We shall love ourselves and our children and their children enough to make up our minds that we are willing—and able—to begin to make small changes today that will yield big dividends in the future.

And So It Shall Be.