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St. Louis is Filled With Young Talent

Lets show this talented poet some love and support!

12 Years a Slave is a MUST SEE!

  By Nikki Smith with excerpts from Susan Wloszczyna    “After “Django Unchained” and Lee Daniels‘ “The Butler,” both informed by the shameful legacy of slavery and institutionalized injustice in America, you might think you… Continue reading

Young Writer, Deep Mind

Charles McGill is  16 year old Junior at Jennings Senior High School. A talented track athlete, Charles is also passionate about the written word. “I write about things such as relationships, political issues,… Continue reading

African Americans Retire Earlier, With Less Savings

By: Sharon Epperson The new retirement age is getting younger for many Americans who can least afford to retire. A study released Tuesday by Prudential finds African-Americans retire earlier than the general population on… Continue reading

The Art of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

By: Stevie Edwards     The “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King is recognized as one of the best speeches ever given. Here Stevie Edwards looks at what makes it… Continue reading

Congratulations Nikki!

We want to share with the world how proud we are of this young lady! She is passionate about the African American community and has been working EXTREMELY hard towards its improvement in… Continue reading


      Goodbye Uncle Tom Hackle-raising, Mind-blowing, Screamingly Offensive Exploitation Movie! Described as “The first movie based on historical facts about…slavery in America”, it is an epic recreation. All dialogs are taken… Continue reading

How Can We Support Black Businesses??

Stop Looking For the Cheapest Price I think that once you accept that in some cases you may have to pay a little bit more to patronize a black business you can let… Continue reading

Behaving Differently to Establish a Healing Culture of Love

By Nikki L. Smith I interviewed Howard and Vickie Denson in their living room which is filled with the art of our people and our ancestors.  For over 20 years, they have published… Continue reading

The Impact of the Few

By: Nikki Smith History will leave you to believe that it is the masses of many that have been the root of change in our history. Great wars fought, marches of thousands against… Continue reading