Empowerment Conference









The Black Pages/ Transformational Agenda will be hosting a three day Empowerment Conference to take place March 1-3, at Cardinal Ritter Prep High School 701 N. Spring Ave. St. Louis, MO,  immediately following Black History Month. They are urging community members to “be there because you care”.

black crowd scene_thumb   Friday, March 1st, will host The Gathering for Strategic Determination from 6-9pm. These sessions are a time to discuss forging a new path and making commitments for implementing strategies for specific change. Targets of concern may include, but not limited to, violence in our community, job training, education, sexual abuse, and child development. Target groups may include schools, churches, family units, social organizations and civic organizations.

Saturday hosts three events, from 10am-6pm, that will occur simultaneously which will encompass the Empowerment Conference, with one being The 20 Empowering Seminars. Guests will be able to choose to attend any of the 20 seminars consisting of thirty minutes of presentations and fifteen minutes of questions and discussion. The seminars will be repeated every hour. Sample seminar topics include various aspects of; money management, putting your health first, protecting your child in today’s violent environment, spirituality, being a better “you”, forming relationship agreements, and choosing the best school for your children.

For the first time ever, Saturday will also host the Voluntary Service (Time-Tithing) Opportunities Fair, where information will be gained about voluntary service opportunities and thus giving participants the ability to intelligently choose their personal time tithing avenue.

To set the energy of this dynamic event, non-stop performances will be given by some of the best local church choirs in the St. Louis area will be held in the main auditorium of Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School during the Empowering Praise Choir Concert.

On Sunday, March 3rd from 3-5pm, the Empowerment Conference culminates the Love Black Festival, a celebration of love Black, creativity, and ingenuity—an opportunity to experience what creative St. Louis has to offer. Festivities include dance, fine art, dramatic performances, poetry, and instrumental music.  These events help to illustrate a small dosage of what is experienced during the Transformational Agenda Retreats. Many participates will argue that “the retreat is the transformation, and without it, you’re bringing knives to a gun fight”.

INTERESTED IN HAVING YOUR ORGANIZATION HOST A SEMINAR? Contact us via email at nsmith@communityannual.com or on our Facebook page- St. Louis Black Pages