All About Love

Love__Beach__Sunset__by_danicafaye-721652IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE. The love of self was taken from us, and it is the love of self which we must reclaim. Love yourself, your people, and our rich and proud heritage. Always act in love with relation to one another. Decide what you care about the most-education, single parenting, delivering a meaningful long-term empowering relationship to a child (or other adult), aiding people returning from prison, or clearing our community of crime and drugs.

You decide what your passion is, and then find a way to engage. When enough of us time tithe with love specifically directed at healing our community, then our community will, in fact, be healed.

Do all that you can, and know that it will be more than enough. Just believe in your personal power. Believe in the power of a few like-minded persons. And know that our community can easily mobilize more than enough power to rapidly heal/empower ourselves by simply committing to time-tithing- one person at a time.

When we do this, when we create a healing community of love, we will thrive beyond our wildest dreams.