Abstinence Week


The seriousness of the healing our community is in need of immediately became clear as we call for the entire African American community to participate in a week of abstinence. Beginning February 15th, Abstinence Week immediately follows Valentine’s Day, and ends February 21, 2013. The Transformational Agenda is declaring that period as time to abstain from something of true significance to you that may be of a distraction from the healing of our community. With much concern and passion in his voice, Mr. Denson voices his frustration. “Our community needs healing and it is time for us to call a time out, rethink everything, and A.C. T (Analyze. Comprehend. Transform). Abstinence is a tribute to the ancestors and a demonstration of love, concern, and resolve. Together, we will seriously examine what the Black community is doing, why we are doing the wacky self-destructive things that we do, where we are going wrong, and what we will do to change this self- destructive path”.

“Abstinence can be a catalyst for change. We trust that organizations, individuals, and families will use Abstinence Week as a time to re-think everything, re-negotiate relationships and commitments where needed, and plan for and commit to structurally modifying institutions to better deliver empowerment and healing to ourselves and to our community”. Participants are asked to commit to 5 steps to begin the process of individual and community transformation during Abstinence Week: practice abstinence, create empowerment circles, set annual goals and objectives, time tithe, and attend The Transformational Agenda Retreat.