It Matters Where You Spend Your Money

Black Family


The lack of support we have for our fellow black businesses is sadly astounding. If you are to shop, why not shop within our own communities. The Saint Louis Black Pages gives you a full list of African American based businesses and organizations to use at your discretion. USE THEM! How do we expect to grow as a people when, simply walking into another’s store, is too out of the ordinary to do?


Many people, regardless of skin color, tend not to shop with smaller businesses, because  of the “not up to par with bigger competitors” notion. But to keep these smaller businesses around we must, financially support them, so they can eventually become bigger businesses. You cannot complain that there aren’t enough small businesses, after you refuse to shop and take your money somewhere else.


Our people have businesses in any field you could think of. From medical to construction, to law firms to education. Spending in OUR communities keeps profits in OUR communities. We also get a chance to support our local entrepreneurs. To support our people, support the businesses that they have worked so hard to start.


Here is great article regarding support of the local businesses.


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