Do your love your community enough to become a HERO?


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1 Million Black Men in jail. The amount of Black Women in prison is increasing. With mother and father in prison, who is taking care of the children left back at home? Is grandmother and grandfather? Is it the eldest aunt and uncle? Or are the children watching for themselves? Our communities are falling apart one by one. Who is ready to do something about this?


Here at the Saint Louis Black Pages we have organized five hero actions;


  1. Attend the Retreat and Be Transformed- Aug. 2-3, 2014
  2. Observe Abstinence Week and inspire yourself- Beginning Midnight on Valentines Day 2015
  3. Attend the Empowerment Conference-Sat. Feb. 28, 2015
  4. Time Tithe to be a part of the healing of our community
  5. Transform Others by encouraging them to attend the retreat


By transforming ourselves, we can help others around us. By helping others, we begin to help our community. No one will help OUR communities unless we begin to do so. To begin we suggest going to a retreat and time tithing. The annual Transformational Agenda Retreat occurs every few weeks. To time tith, engage in voluntary service in your community. Commit to volunteering for a year to get yourself started.


Remember, nothing happens until someone does something.