I’m In My Zone, MY COMFORT ZONE That Is

Being COMFORTABLE is easy. Being in your comfort zone seems like an everyday feeling. But what are you gaining from this everyday feeling? We’ve become accustomed to being in the same atmosphere so much that now it has become our way of thinking or attitude. You have to find ways to literally push yourself into unknown waters to reach gain something you’ve never had before. It’s unfortunate that many of us, continue to, and choose to, live a life in which we keep ourselves in a box. Self-destructive things such as usually feeling helpless and making progress harder, may occur if you keep yourself confined to your comfort zone.

Move out of your comfort zone and box, and venture out. The opportunities, people and situations you will find yourself in, might not have occurred unless you did so. All in all, nothing happens until someone does something. Take time to try new things, meet new people and constantly change your atmosphere. Place yourself in “out of the ordinary” positions and lean, little by little into DISCOMFORT. It’s only a box, break free and become a thrill seeker, a more receptive person, one who enjoys volunteerism and also a hero of your community.

Make a few steps at a time:

  • Realize and understand that you are stuck in your comfort zone
  • Change your frame of your mind
  • Imagine the change you want
  • Make a set of objectives and/or goals
  • Grow as a soul
  • Also, attend the next Transformational Agenda Retreat, August 2-3, to analyze the self-destructive behaviors of our community and leave feeling empowered to step out of your comfort zone and become a hero of our community.