Where are our Black Celebrations?

It’s the summer and as always you can expect many events, parties, and programs to come up. Many of those events are more so for the generation of party-goers and clubbers. As we were searching for events happening in Saint Louis and/or Missouri, we noticed that many cities across the United States are beginning or having their annual events and programs. We’re just wondering where’s ours? Why don’t we have annual event(s) that occur every summer, for our community to take part in? Why wasn’t Missouri listed as having incentives for the African American community? If we do have those things, why aren’t many aware? And how can we bring more awareness?

Of course all events don’t have to be so specifically targeted to serious issues. It could be fun and innocent, it could also serve a purpose, but either way we need one. Or some.

If you have any ideas of events and /or programming that the African American community can be apart of, and have solely to ourselves, please discuss it below.

Here are  few events that our fellow black communities have developed:

  • Illinois, Chicago | Chicago Blues Festival: annual event, features 2 glorious days of entertainment
  • Tennessee, Memphis | Sisterhood Showcase: established to promote and facilitate programs which foster health & education for women of color
  • Washington, Seattle | Festival Sundiata-African American Celebration: celebrates the arts and educates the community about people of African descent
  • Texas, Houston | National Black Book Festival: Authors and readers gather under one roof
  • And a number of Juneteenth events

Let’s be more involved. We need to become more engaged. We can establish better relationships and develop better communities