uncle tom



Goodbye Uncle Tom
Hackle-raising, Mind-blowing,
Screamingly Offensive Exploitation Movie!
Described as “The first movie based on historical facts about…slavery in America”, it is an epic recreation. All dialogs are taken from first person historical accounts; and the visuals bring these accounts to life. The Detroit Chronicle hailed it as “a graphic, moving, nerve-paralyzing film”.

It is not pretty, yet just as the Jews make certain that the Holocaust is not forgotten, every American should see this film in order to acquire an intellectually honest understanding of American slavery. Every African American should see it to connect the dots to today’s self-destructive behaviors, and thus be positioned and motivated to heal.

It should be noted that this is an extremely graphic movie not suitable for children.  It contains: sex and nudity, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, frightening/intense scenes, violence and gore.