These People Care About Education

We, as African Americans, constantly preach the. importance of education and its benefits, but we don’t demand academic excellence from our children or ourselves. While St. Louis puts more educational options at the fingertips of African Americans than any other city in America, out hypocrisy of words and deeds shames the sacrifice of our ancestors. We should not disrespect our past by denying our future. It is our duty to embrace education.

 Education Options For You and You Family Here in St. Louis

  • St. Charles Barber College – 636-724-7670
  • College of Optometry-
  • Precious Love Academy and Daycare- 314-388-4700
  • The King’s Daycare and Teaching Center- 314-727-7015
  • Step By Step Preschool- 314-367-6009
  • Ja’Nan Academy- 314-531-0331
  • Les Beaux Enfants- 314-382-0200
  • Cardinal Ritter Prep High School- 314-446-5511
  • Chesterfield Day School- 314-469-6622
  • Grace Hill Head Start- 314-584-6995