A Week of No Sex and an Empowerment Conference




After 22 years of distributing 100,000 copies each year of a directory and magazine filled with businesses, non-profits, and corporations who are looking to reach the St. Louis Metro African American community, the St. Louis Black Pages is rebranding and looking to expand its impact.

This publication provides a wealth of information that is pertinent to the community and will continue that mission through the newly re-named Transformational Agenda Magazine.

To complement the desire to continue to be the catalyst for community healing, the St. Louis Black Pages will be hosting two upcoming events, Abstinence Week and the 2013 Empowerment Conference.

Abstinence Week will be held February 15-21 in an effort to gather the St. Louis area on one accord and brainstorm real solutions for healing our community. No Sex for Community Healing?? Our community is in dire need of our attention and it is time we take a step back, re-think and focus on ways we can transform our community. The St. Louis Black Pages is asking for community leaders and members to abstain from ANY indulgences that may be consuming our focus and re-prioritize our goals and objectives along with participating in voluntary service. Be committed to participating in Abstinence Week February 15-21 2013.

The 2013 Empowerment Conference will be held March 1-3rd 2013 at Cardinal Ritter College Prep, 701 N. Spring Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108. This dynamic three day event will begin with the Gathering for Strategic Determination on Friday from 6-9pm and ending with the Love Black Festival on Sunday from 3-5pm. Saturday will host 20 Empowering Seminars that will provide a wealth of information regarding issues immediately affecting our community from 10am-6pm. These include “Examining Sexual Insanity”, “A Visit with Public Officials” “Saving for Education and Retirement”, “Understanding Obama Care Options”, “Choosing the Right School for Your Children”, “Saving Our Sons”, and “Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit” to name a few. Simultaneously, 20 empowering non-profit organizations will be hosting booths to solicit volunteers who are committed to changing their communities through voluntary service. The Black Pages and Transformational Agenda family is asking you to “Be there because you care.”

For more information on these extraordinary events and how you can get involved, rather through hosting a seminar, hosting a voluntary service booth, or simply participating, please call Nikki Smith at 314-531-7300 ext. 201. Or visit the Transformational Agenda Magazine website at www.thetransformationalagenda.org or the St. Louis Black Pages at www.black-pages.com and www.stlouisblackpagesblog.wordpress.com. Inquiries can also be emailed to nsmith@communityannual.com