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Saturday March 2nd– Presenters Morning Sessions 10am-1pm “Protecting and Encouraging Our Daughters” – Good Journey- Dionne Ferguson-Room 143 “Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit”- Acupuncture St. Louis- Afua Bromley-Room 145 “Taking Care of the… Continue reading

A Week of No Sex and an Empowerment Conference

    After 22 years of distributing 100,000 copies each year of a directory and magazine filled with businesses, non-profits, and corporations who are looking to reach the St. Louis Metro African American… Continue reading

Masters of Our Fate, Captains of Our Souls

By: Nikki Smith “It matters not how strait the gate…I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” –William Ernest Henley. Are we puppets, with our fate and… Continue reading

The New Passing

By: Erin I. Falker I like to learn and knowledge is my passion. It pleases me in a way that nothing else can or ever has.  There is no other feeling like discovering… Continue reading

Official Empowerment Conference poster

No Sex??

Are you willing to stop having sex for a week to save our community??