Transformational Agenda Overview

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Will you participate in The Transformational Agenda

becoming the catalyst of the healing and empowerment

of the African American community?



Why do we African Americans do the wacky self-destructive things that we do?  And how exactly can we heal our community? The publisher of the Black Pages struggled with these questions for 50,000 (non-paid) hours during the past 40 years, until a transformational message from the Creator, delivered by our ancestors, revealed the answers.  Their message, mission and vision, has been tested and taught during the past four years to over 300 persons, via a nine-hour retreat. The retreat has provided participants with a totally new perspective on the African American experience, and has literally and consistently transformed lives.  Hence, we are certain that:


The African American community can now be transformed. The only question is will it?


Accordingly, under the banner of The Transformational Agenda, we are launching Abstinence Week, The Empowerment Conference, The Transformational Agenda Retreat, re-launching The Black Pages Business Directory and re-branding its flip-side magazine as The Transformational Agenda Magazine—to collectively be the catalyst for the healing and transformation of our community.


Upon the release of the 2013 Print, Internet, and Mobile Editions of The St. Louis Black Pages Business Directory & The Transformational Agenda Magazine we will stimulate the black community of St. Louis to take a time out, re-think everything, and A.C.T. (Analyze, Comprehend, Transform). Enclosed you will find additional and specific information about the The Transformational Agenda, as well as a form allowing you to communicate your level of participation.


We at The St. Louis Black Pages Business Directory & The Transformational Agenda Magazine are fully committed to being the catalyst of community healing, empowerment and transformation; and your participation is needed as well.   A full third of Saint Louis City and County residents are African American and as this community heals the entire metropolitan area will be strengthened.


Some say that it has never happened and never will

While others simply join together and make it happen.


Together we can transform our community. The only question is will we?