The Power of You


“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

Our communities suffer exponentially because we are bound by the trama of the past, chained by the links of excuses, and have been stripped of our willingness to break free.  The ethos that everyone is responsible for one another has vanished into thin air.  In its place, a separate and selfish agenda has formed: it’s every man for himself. We look out for number one and show no regard for one another.  Meanwhile our communities are filled with broken dreams, broken families, and broken promises. Who will stand up and humbly accept the humongous task of transforming our community?

The answer is you. Yes, you, who tear up when you see a little girl without her father. You, with the strong discontent for the violence that has ruled our streets. And yes, you, with the burning desire to achieve success beyond your current circumstances.  For too long, you have neglected the challenge to be a catalyst for change in your community. Instead, you have hung your head as you walked by drug dealers in your neighborhood.  Instead, you chose to turn the other cheek while fathers walked away from their families. Instead, you chose to remain silent when you witnessed injustice or violent acts.   When will you accept the enormous task set before you and take your rightful place as community servant and citizen of change?

Research strongly suggests that we, as human beings, leave about 60% of our potential untapped. We leave 60% of our brilliant minds unexercised.  Imagine how many significant changes could take place if we were to blow the dust from 60% of our dormant potential and put it to work in a diligent effort to change our communities.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we were to brainstorm, strategize, and work together for the good of ourselves, our families, and our community.

Maya Angelo’s words ring true, “nothing will work unless you do.”  We must be the someone who does something!  Significant moments in history happen because someone was willing to take a stand or while taking the lead.  Our rich history is filled with ordinary individuals who were passionate and courageous enough to be the change they wished to see.  Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have it in me. I’m not brave enough. No one will listen to me.” But, I strongly urge you to discard those paralyzing thoughts, to get to work, and to grab hold of the 60% of your untapped potential.  For the answer is within you; the answer is you.  For love will always overcome evil when love acts to; so be love in action.