The Impact of the Few

By: Nikki Smith

History will leave you to believe that it is the masses of many that have been the root of change in our history. Great wars fought, marches of thousands against injustice, and wide spread news coverage seem to dominate the stories of change in our history. But during the greatest of wars, it was one significant battle, one significant group of soldiers that completely changed the outcome.

Make no mistake; there are instances in which a large number of people ultimately produce a significant change in the fabric of our history; such as the election and re-election of President Barack Obama. But despite what the media leads us to believe, it has been the earlier work of small groups, who all share the same passion, vision and keep their commitments to on another, that have produced the biggest impact .

A small group of abolitionist demanded that no human being be forced to live their lives in chains. A small group of housewives and educators worked tirelessly to demand women have the right to vote. A small group of ministers and college students spread across the Jim Crow south demanded they receive equal rights to their white counterparts. Initially, it was not the masses that were in favor of these movements, but a small group of tenacious community servants determined to make a change.

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meed

Our community is dying. It is being torn and destroyed while the masses stand idly by with no regard for their neighbor. The masses are held back by fear of disappointment and seclude themselves in their own homes with the curtains tightly drawn. They dare not peak outside and question the chaos around them. And they definitely have no will to be the one to step up and make the change.

But here steps in the audacity of the few. Passion, hope, and dedication consume the few as they grow tired of what has happened to their beloved community. They set out to share their commitment with the masses in hopes that they too will join the movement. But the few have the tenacity to stay the course to its completion.

The Transformational Agenda will be the catalyst for the forming of small groups as its foot soldiers. Those willing to turn their concern into concerted action will form the small groups to educate, inform, and ultimately transform our community.

Imagine the change that will occur when small groups of community servants are scattered across the St. Louis Metro area with one purpose and one passion; to heal our community ,so that we return to the powerful people we once were.

It is not the movement of the masses or the actions of the many that forge change; but rather the concerted action of the committed few that has the greatest impact.