Mental Imprisonment

    What is holding you back?   Understand that we aren’t referring to mental illness but to mental prisons. You can stay compelled to one thing for sometime. You can feel hidden… Continue reading

It Matters Where You Spend Your Money

  The lack of support we have for our fellow black businesses is sadly astounding. If you are to shop, why not shop within our own communities. The Saint Louis Black Pages gives… Continue reading

Do your love your community enough to become a HERO?

    1 Million Black Men in jail. The amount of Black Women in prison is increasing. With mother and father in prison, who is taking care of the children left back at… Continue reading

I’m In My Zone, MY COMFORT ZONE That Is

Being COMFORTABLE is easy. Being in your comfort zone seems like an everyday feeling. But what are you gaining from this everyday feeling? We’ve become accustomed to being in the same atmosphere so… Continue reading

The Career Search Has to Start Somewhere

Everyone wants it. You’ve been talking about it non-stop. It’s always a topic of conversation. Jobs! Careers! As of lately, job fairs have been an effective way to get people to partake in… Continue reading

Where are our Black Celebrations?

It’s the summer and as always you can expect many events, parties, and programs to come up. Many of those events are more so for the generation of party-goers and clubbers. As we… Continue reading

St. Louis is Filled With Young Talent

Lets show this talented poet some love and support!

2014 Empowerment Conference: Presented by the St. Louis Black Pages/Transformational Agenda Magazine

PRESS RELEASE One year ago, St. Louis witnessed something that had never been done before. A conference consisting of 100 empowering seminars over 20 topics, a voluntary service fair, and a tribute to… Continue reading

St. Louis Black Pages/Transformational Agenda Magazine Call for Week of Sexual Abstinence

Press Release To be released immediately Beginning midnight on Valentine’s Day, the African American community is being asked to practice sexual abstinence for one week, in order to concentrate, strategize, and plan actions to heal… Continue reading

12 Years a Slave is a MUST SEE!

  By Nikki Smith with excerpts from Susan Wloszczyna    “After “Django Unchained” and Lee Daniels‘ “The Butler,” both informed by the shameful legacy of slavery and institutionalized injustice in America, you might think you… Continue reading